My experience with you was fantastic. You contacted me right away after I submitted our information which is huge. Your keeping in touch with me through the process was great. Pricing was on the mark of what I expected.

Mighty Garage Doors, Inc.
San Diego, CA

"Thank you for your great service and your good rates. It has been a tough couple years for us contractors so we appreciate the help where we get it. Thank you."

Construction 37
Roseville CA

Did a web search, ran across you, call for a price, got the best deal and best service I have seen in a while.

Fresno Repair Service
Clovis, CA

"We got a great price and a company we can work with in the future. Everyone was very pleasant to work with and very patient while I was waiting to move forward."

S P Construction
Rancho Cucamonga CA

"You were the most expeditious and knowledgeable company I contacted, you offered a bond with an installment plan and your customer service is great."

East Bay Restorations
Oakland CA

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California Contractors Insurance Service : What to Look For

California_contractors_insuranceOn the hunt for a California contractor’s insurance provider? A good contractor’s insurance agency should meet several requirements if you want to make sure they can meet your needs.

Here’s what to look for so you don’t get stuck with a general agency trying to do the job of a contractor’s agency.

A Specialty in Contractor’s Insurance

A lot of general service insurance providers offer contractor’s insurance – but that doesn’t meant that they’ll be the best fit for your needs. At best, they’ll be selecting from a short list of policies that they’ve offered other contractors and at worst they might pair you with incomplete coverage.

A specialized agency will know the ins and outs of contractor’s coverage – from what constitutes the best coverage to where to get it. They will be familiar with several different carriers and know how to get the best coverage for your needs at the lowest possible price. They’ll understand that you need to get to work as quickly as possible, and don’t have weeks to pick out a policy. They can help streamline the process for you so you save time and money.

Long Term Experience in the Field

The agency itself doesn’t have to be old, but someone in a key position (preferably the owner) should have plenty of experience working with contractors. Contracting is a unique business with special insurance needs. If an agency or owner has long term experience in the field, they’ll be up to date on industry trends, understand the types of jobs or clients you’ll be working with and know how to find the best match.

A California contractor’s insurance agent may be able to provide pointers that a more general agency might not. A provider with plenty of experience in the field has cultivated relationships with other clients, contractors, and insurance carriers. He or she can see where you fit into the big picture, which helps them better serve your needs.

Customized CA Coverage Plans

A good California contractor insurance service knows that contractors deal with unique situations – and insurance needs – every day. That’s why it’s so important to find a service that can find you customized coverage plans that give you exactly what you need. One size fits all doesn’t work for complete contractor coverage.

There are dozens of specialized situations that require unique California contractor’s insurance coverage plans. For example, you may be working on commercial property, which requires a different approach than if you’re working on a residential home. Your equipment, your tools, your employees and even your clients can determine what type of coverage you need – and many of these factors change between jobs.

Working with a California contractor’s insurance service that has specialized experience, in depth knowledge of the industry and can provide customized plans is the best way to make sure you’re covered completely.

Image Courtesy : stockimages/FreeDigitalphotos.net